Opening day fishout – May 7th

It’s time to scratch that itch again. Slowly but surely the ice is coming of the lakes, and that means it’s time for the Opening Day* Fishout on May 7th, at Danielson Provincial Park, Lake Diefenbaker.

This is the first in our fishout series and, as always, it’s going to be a great time. The convoy will meet at McDonald’s on Eight Street at around 8:00am on Saturday morning. Or, you can just meet everyone at the main dock at Danielson Provincial Park. Typically, we fish for the morning and then finish the day with an afternoon BBQ. Donna and Brian O’keefe will be supply a delicious feast,  so bring your appetite.

Don’t forget to keep a few fish for the BBQ. We typically cook’em up for everyone’s enjoyment. Also, it’s BYOB so please bring your favourite beverage.

Many guys bring their belly boats, but even if you don’t have a boat Diefenbaker offers lots of excellent shore fishing!

Google maps directions to the park

*Technically, the Opening Day fishout is no longer on opening day, but it sounds a lot better than “The first Saturday after opening day fishout”

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