Knots, Knots and More Knots

Ever wonder what the difference between an arbor knot and an albright knot was? Download this document to learn the essential knots for your gear.

Want to contribute?

If you are interested in contributing content to the Kilpatrick site (fly patterns, fishing stories, photos and more) all you need to do is register by clicking here. Simply choose a username and enter your email and the system will automatically send you login instructions and a password. If you …

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Peacock Nymph

Tied by Jeff Lauze The origins of the Peacock Nymph are a little uncertain, some speculate that it is based on a British Columbia pattern, others think it based on the “half-back” nymph. This fly is extremely productive in Saskatchewan lakes and streams. Note: The Peacock Nymph should absolutely be …

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New Google Map

A new digital map has been added to the Lakes page. I took the time to enter every gps coordinate that was listed on the old site. In the future we should be able to get this feature to enable users to post their own info/links/gps info to the map.