Making the Tough Choice

Submitted by Dwayne Barkman The Biggest Fish Story – In memory of Jerry Jackson Summer 2005 fishing trip on Steistol Lake It was one of those windy days on Steistol Lake where floating a canoe past the beaver lodge seemed like a very good idea. My son-in-law was at the …

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New Events Calendar

Check out the new events calendar under the ‘events page’. This feature should help us keep track of upcoming meetings and, of course, fishing outings.

The Wooly Bugger

O.K. so the Woolly Bugger isn’t native to Saskatchewan, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a very productive fly. Just ask Paul Oltsher (the Northern Fly Fisherman) what his favorite fly is. This fly was responsible for a few nice fish May 15, 1999 at Diefenbaker. A nice …

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Knots, Knots and More Knots

Ever wonder what the difference between an arbor knot and an albright knot was? Download this document to learn the essential knots for your gear.