The O’KEEFE Special

A SASKATCHEWAN ORIGINAL By NEVILLE GOSLING Hook: 3x Long Mustad 9672, Partridge D4a or Tiemco 5263 Size 6-14 Thread: Black pre-waxed monocord Tail: Brown Hackle fibres (sparse) Rib: None Body: Brown Mohair Wool Wing: Dark brown or black bear hair Hackle: Brown Ask any member of the Saskatoon based Kilpatrick …

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Fly Rod Pike Tactics

SOME PROVEN TECHNIQUES FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR CONSISTENT ACTION By WAYNE PHILLIPS Anglers come from all over the world to fish for Saskatchewan pike, while Saskatchewan anglers generally scorn pike and only occasionally fish for them. For many years I was a ‘typical’ pike hater, until at the urging of …

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The Lure of the North

By Brian Okeefe Be Careful. Each Spring It Gets Stronger Do you like fishing? Have you ever thought about spending a summer at a fishing camp and getting paid for it? There are lots of summer jobs available at the many fishing camps in Saskatchewan. For the past seven summers …

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New Kilpatrick Site

Welcome to the new Kilpatrick Fly Fishing Club website. Stay tuned as the previous content is migrated into the new blog management software. Once we get the previous content migrated into the new system I will focus on updating the look with the Kilpatrick logo and other design elements