Broken Dreams/Mended Hearts

By Kevan Lyman

My fish story takes place on opening day 2003. I came out to Diefenbaker Lake with the KFF club with my “new” fly rod. I say “new” because I had acquired it from another member by trading it for an old barbeque I had laying around. I was feeling kind of smug that morning as I finally had my OWN fly rod.

I was having a nice restful time casting when, all of a sudden, A BITE! I had one on my line and I was ecstatic! It was the first fish I caught fly-fishing and I had it on a fly that I made myself (a wooly bugger no less). I HAD to make sure I landed this one. As it came closer to shore I saw that I had a good size rainbow on my line. Then I realized “I don’t have a net!!” What was I to do? My only option now was to pull him up on shore, my rod snapped about 8” from the tip.

And this even though some of the others tried to warn me! My chagrin over my foolishness was, however, smothered in my exaltation. WHAT A CATCH! The rainbow was a beauty! He sure tasted good too. I figured the trade-off of my rod for that fish was worth it and I counted the day a success.

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