The Wooly Bugger

O.K. so the Woolly Bugger isn’t native to Saskatchewan, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a very productive fly. Just ask Paul Oltsher (the Northern Fly Fisherman) what his favorite fly is. This fly was responsible for a few nice fish May 15, 1999 at Diefenbaker. A nice 15 lb. pike for Dave Herron and a whopping 10 lb. rainbow for Paul Oltsher. Most commonly tied in Olive and Black

Hook – Streamer, 2X or 3X long; sizes 2 to 14
Thread – Black (or to match body)
Underbody – Lead Wire (optional)
Tail – Olive Marabou and 3-4 strands of Krystal Flash
Body – Olive Chenille or dubbing
Hackle – Olive or Olive Grizzly, the tip tied in at the rear, palmered over the body with a few extra turns at the front.
Rib – Gold wire (optional)

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