Discussion Forum

A members only discussion forum has been created for discussions amongst Saskatchewan fly fishers exclusively. This forum is free for paid members of either the Kilpatrick Flyfishers, Northern Waters Flyfishers, or the Flatland Fly Fishers.

Two points we want to make clear:

• This is FREE, not only to you as members, but also to the clubs. As such, you will have to put up with a few advertisements on the website. They are quite easy to ignore just as any other webpage.
• The information on the board is locked to members only. No “visitors” will get past the login page and be allowed to view the information posted on the boards. As such (and the main rule for the board), do not be reposting the information from this board on to other websites.

Fly Fishers are a small fraternity in Saskatchewan and over time, you will likely have the opportunity to meet most (if not all) of the folks who are registered on this Board.

Shortly after registering for a club membership, you will receive an email invitation with a link to register your account. If you have been a member of the Kilpatrick Flyfishers for a while, but have not been invited to the forum, please contact us to request an invitation.

If you are already a forum member, go to http://saskflyfish.proboards.com to login and use the forum.

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