Kilpatrick Master Angler Awards

The Kilpatrick Flyfishers Club has developed a club awards program to recognize trophy catches by members of the club.

The Rules:

• Applicants must be members in good standing of the Kilpatrick Flyfishers
• A member who catches a trophy class fish in one of the recognized categories may apply to have their catch acknowledged through this program
• Successful applicants to the program will be awarded free of charge, an attractive lapel pin
• Within this program Catch/ Release is encouraged, but Catch/ Keep applications will be considered without prejudice

How to submit:

Step One: Catch a qualifying fish (this step is harder than it seems)

Step Two: Download and Complete the Application Form (rules are provided below)

Step Three: Submit the completed form to John Salamon (Address Provided on the Form)

Step Four: Awards will be handed out at the February Banquet

• Species categories and minimum qualifying sizes are noted in Table 1 and Table 3
• Anglers must submit a KFF Master Fly Angler application for consideration
• Applications must be witnessed – preferably by a KFF member
• Applications must include a photo showing both fish and angler
• Only fish taken within the Province of Saskatchewan and its border waters, are eligible.
• Angler awards (pins) to be awarded annually at Club banquet

Verification of Catch

• Fish must be measured with a standard tape (eg fabric tape/ tape measure) on a flat surface
• Measurements from float tube apron tapes will not be considered.
• Measurement must be witnessed by another angler (preferably a Club member) OR measured by both the applicant and the witness independently
• Measurement will be Total Length (see Appendix 1 for measuring instructions)

The Awards

The Species Award

Awarded only once, the Species pin is presented to anglers who catch their first trophy fish of qualifying size, in any one of the nine eligible species categories (see Table 1)

The Award pin is pewter depicting the appropriate fish species

The Specialist Award

Awarded only once; the Specialist pin is presented to anglers who catch five recognized trophy fish in any one of the nine eligible species

The Specialist award pin is the same as the Species pin but plated in 24 karat gold

The Expert Award

Awarded only once, the Expert pin is awarded to an angler who successfully earns five separate Species pins

The Lister Award

Three Levels – each awarded only once
• Level 1 – Lister XV is awarded to the angler who catches 15 separate species from the approved list (Table 3)
• Level 2 – Lister XX is awarded to the angler who catches 20 separate species from the approved list (Table 3)
• Level 3 – Lister XXV is awarded to the angler who catches 25 separate species from the approved list (Table 3)

The Grand Master Award

Awarded only once, the Grand Master pin is awarded to an angler who successfully earns master fly angler status is each of all eight species categories

Table 1

Eligible fish species and qualifying lengths:

Rainbow trout – 25”
Brook trout – 20”
Brown trout – 24”
Tiger trout – 22”
Splake – 22”
Lake trout – 32”
Arctic grayling – 18”
Northern pike – 38”
Walleye – 26”

Table 2

Major Awards and Requirements

Specialist: Five separate Species awards

Lister XV: Fifteen species

Lister XX: Twenty species

Lister XXV: Twenty five species

Expert: Species awards in five of nine categories

Master Angler: Species awards in all of nine categories

Table 3:  List of eligible species (Lister Award)

Arctic grayling
Atlantic salmon
Black bullhead
Brook trout
Brown bullhead
Brown trout
Channel catfish
Cisco (lake herring)
common carp
Cutthroat trout
Lake trout
Lake whitefish
Largemouth bass
Longnose sucker
Northern pike
Rainbow trout
Rock bass
Round whitefish
Shorthead redhorse
Silver redhorse
Smallmouth bass
Tiger trout
White sucker
Yellow perch

Measuring you catch

•    Total Length – measure your catch from tip of snout to tip of tail fin along centre line
•    Ensure that measurement is performed on a flat surface
•    Use a tape measure!  Measurements from float tube aprons are not permitted

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