Contribute to ‘Flies for Saskatchewan’

Photo of Kilpatrick Fly fishers book Flies for Saskatchewan

The Kilpatrick flyfishers are developing an insert of pages for the club’s fly book ‘Flies for Saskatchewan’. If you have an effective fly pattern that contributed to great days on Saskatchewan waters, please consider sharing it for publication. Submissions will be accepted from members of the Kilpatrick fly fishers through…

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The Wooly Bugger

O.K. so the Woolly Bugger isn’t native to Saskatchewan, that doesn’t change the fact that this is a very productive fly. Just ask Paul Oltsher (the Northern Fly Fisherman) what his favorite fly is. This fly was responsible for a few nice fish May 15, 1999 at Diefenbaker. A nice…

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Peacock Nymph

Tied by Jeff Lauze The origins of the Peacock Nymph are a little uncertain, some speculate that it is based on a British Columbia pattern, others think it based on the “half-back” nymph. This fly is extremely productive in Saskatchewan lakes and streams. Note: The Peacock Nymph should absolutely be…

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